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    Spinel is an Enhancer Transformer Crystal. Enhancers are minerals and crystals that form in the Isometric crystal system.  They have internal crystal lattices of perfect cubic symmetry and internal harmony. They form perfect building blocks internally.  Often this internal structure of equality and perfect right angles produces crystals of equally perfect external shapes: cubes!

    These are the “building block” crystals. Their internal structure of blocks builds up perfect crystal lattices that can help us focus our efforts to build on our successes and enhance our lives. Whereas the Seeker system produces crystals and minerals that aid in new beginnings, the Enhancers of the isometric system aid us in building on our successes and achievements.

    Scarlet combines the energy of the pure red ray and the exuberance and joy of the orange in a precious gift of nature. Scarlet is the color of strength and vitality, both physical and spiritual.

    Athletes, soldiers, workers, and all for whom physical strength is vital can benefit from the rays of a scarlet crystal. Workout efforts can be enhanced and an overall increase in vitality will be observed with careful use of scarlet crystals. Weightlifters, body builders, and track and field competitors can gain significantly from these crystals.

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    Blue Spinel
    Blue spinel will assist in lowering high blood pressure. It assists in the maintaining the skin, hair, spine and whole body healing. This stone will detoxify the blood, it assists in reducing the effect of cancers that occur in the upper body. It encourages you to achieve your ideal weight, maintain your eyesight, reduce fevers, calms burns and throat conscrictions, maintains healthy teeth and gums. Blue spinel reduces memory loss due to age, increases your energy levels and stamina, longevity and health into old age.

    This is a reguvinating stone that restores joy, Blue spinel is ideal for you if you have previously tried to kick bad habits such as smoking and have failed.
    It is helpful for people who suffer from claustrophobia. Use blue spinel when you want work related success in study and moving forward in your career. It attracts abundance, success and wealth into life.

    Blue spinel is a very positive stone that reawakens new enthusiasm and revives sexual desire with your partner, If worn as a ring, blue spinel offers you reassurance that the giver will never break your heart or desert you for another. If you are searching for your soul mate, blue spinel will attract a lifelong considerate partner.
    Blue spinel focuses the mind for study in the build up to examinations and revive impetus for an assignment. It is useful for safe and pleasurable travel or air related activities. This is a stone for anyone who is 60+ to plan new activities.

    Green Spinel
    Green spinel helps counteract excessive acidity in the stomach and body. It facilitates a shift to alkaline chemistry.
    Green spinel works on an emotional level to allow the cleansing of anger, pain, resentment and judgement. It facilitates clear, kind communication and helps you say how you feel in a non judgmental way. Green spinel encourages compassion, love, forgiveness, self esteem and the relaxed and easy expression of affection for others.

    This stone is a comfort for those who feel used by others or are unable to express proper emotional boundaries. It is ideal for those of you with a martyr complex or those who are unable to say no to other people.
    Green spinel opens the throat and heart chakras, allowing you to more clearly speak your visions, dreams, knowledge and guidance.
    ​It stimulates love, compassion and kindness. It opens and aligns the heart chakra.

    Pink Spinel
    Pink spinel occurs in the colour pink, rose and a pink/mauve.
    Pink Spinel aligns the etheric and emotional aura bodies. It energizes, activates, clears and connects the Kundalini energy and Hara lines at the heart chakra.

    This stone regenerates and detoxifies the etheric aura. This stone balances the Ch’i into the body. Pink spinel acts as a gateway of life and death, incarnation and reincarnation.
    Pink spinel assists with heart issues that are related to extreme anger or chronic fear, such as spousal or child abuse.
    Purple Spinel
    Purple spinel occurs in colours from light to dark violet, including lavender. Some purple spinel can appear to be almost black.
    This stone is a whole body healer if placed in on the third eye chakra. It will remove deep seated pain. It relieves the symptoms of epilepsy, migraines, hardening of the arteries in the brain. It will assist with Parkinson’s disease and motor neurone disease (MND). Purple spinel enhances the healing of paralysis of the lower body and circulatory problems in the legs, skin and hair health. It is a good blood detoxifier,

    Purple spinel reduces a sense of feeling isolated from any social group, whether colleagues, family or your community. Wear this stone if you have a disability to find the resources and support to overcome practical difficulties and ignorance in others.
    This is a wonderful intergenerational harmony stone, give one to older relations to encourage independence, but as a reassurance you are there if necessary. Keep purple spinel in your home to create a sense of space and personal boundaries. Wear this stone at work if your coworkers are continually offloading their work onto you, it assists you in being able to determine when there is a real need and when you should say no to avoid being overloaded with work.

    Purple spinel combines spirituality with the dynamic regenerative powers of spinel, therefore it is good for launching a business as a second career so that it provides a living. This is a fiercely protective stone, it protects against both everyday nastiness and paranormal harm, by acting as a shield to reflect back any ill wishes sent deliberately or unconsciously without amplifying them or sending anything harmful in return.
    Use purple spinel to maintain your own values, beliefs and ethics.

    Red Spinel
    Red spinel will improve blood disorders, reduce inflammation. It is a gentle energiser and is seen as a pain reliever for degenerative diseases connected with mobility, such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. This stone encourages and activates the body’s own self healing system.

    Red spinel is ideal for people who feel that no one ever takes them seriously. It is a stone for middle or youngest children in adulthood to become self reliant and independent. Red spinel will give you the strength in any bad situation such as divorce or job loss that you need to carry on and obtain your rights without having to resort to aggression.
    Wear this stone to attract people to you who can boost your career and to encourage creative ideas. This is a natural leadership stone to take along to job appraisals or interviews. Red spinel is believed to protect you from physical attacks, women in particular should wear this stone if they work in work in potentially hazardous situations.

    Yellow Spinel
    Yellow spinel occurs as pale to golden yellow. This stone helps to relieve energy deficiencies, clear stagnation, toxins, mercury or lead from the body. It relieves digestive blockages, liver, pancreas and gall bladder infections. Yellow spinel will relieve the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), anaemia, short term memory loss and improving your appetite.

    The sunny yellow of this stone is a natural anti-depressant. It encourages optimism and brings strength to keep going one day at a time in difficult periods of your life. For naturally pessimistic people should wear yellow spinel to counterbalance gloom.

    Yellow spinel attracts beautiful things, happy people and chances for spontaneous fun and laughter into daily life. Wear this stone when you are attending a function or family event that you are dreading to have a much better time than anticipated.
    It is ideal for difficult examinations, assessments, tests or where there is fierce competition for a job or professional award. Yellow spinel is helpful when learning languages that have unfamiliar lettering systems.

    Yellow spinel is a crystal of personal power and determination to fulfil destiny in a way that will bring happiness rather than just material success. If you feel that you have lost your enthusiasm for life hold yellow spinel on your solar plexus chakra. Thos stone rekindles and inspires a love of learning. It is an excellent anti spite crystal against family jealousy and old rivalries that have spilled over into adulthood.

    Black Spinel
    Black spinel helps you release the past and clear your life of past associations so you can more easily move forward into the future. It helps hoarders let go of excessive emotional junk so that clarity of mind and energy can be attained. It is also useful for those who are stuck in the grieving process or who feel that a past emotional trauma still rules your life. Black spinel facilitates the detoxification of the bowels and digestive system. Black spinel stimulate the base chakra, allowing for the balanced grounding of high frequency energies. It assists in pulling high spiritual energy down through the crown chakra, into the body and the Earth.

    Brown Spinel
    Brown spinel is an excellent protection stone and etheric cleanser, dispelling negative attachments and entities from the auric field. It can act as a reflector for psychic attacks, causing the negative energy to rebound to the sender.

    Clear/Colourless Spinel
    Stimulates mysticism and higher communication. It links the charkra’s of the physical  body with the crown chakra, it facilitates visions and enlightenment.
    Spinel is a stone of new hope, it can relieve the burden of negative thought patterns and reminds you that life is a gift.
    Spinel can be a catalyst for inspiration and new ways of thinking. It assists you in articulating new ideas. This stone loosens entrenched, limiting ideas about your attractiveness, talents and capabilities for new growth, allowing you to free the mind and transform into your highest self.
    Clear spinel is the most all purpose and programmable type. It works to reenergise all levels of your physical, etheric and astral bodies, and also the chakras and meridians.

    Franklinite is a zinc iron manganese oxide that belongs to the Spinel group of minerals. It occurs as metallic, dark black octahedral or dodecahedral crystals and as granular or massive aggregates

    Franklinite is one of the minerals found at Franklin, New Jersey, a world famous locality that has produced many formerly unknown and exotic mineral species. It is found in large enough quantity to serve as an ore of zinc and manganese, two important strategic and industrial metals. It forms octahedral crystals that are typical of the spinel group of minerals. Specimens from Franklin often contain the rounded black grains of franklinite surrounded by white calcite and/or greenish willemite with a sprinkling of red zincite. Specimens of this exotic and interesting mineral are truly valued by mineral collectors.

    Franklinite will assist with hair growth, vision, the male reproductive system. It will build up your immunity to colds and influenza. This stone will assist you in discovering new means to treat or cure any stubborn illnesses that you are currently suffering.

    Franklinite brings sudden insight into emotional problems, it will teach you the difference between truth and illusion. This stone will help you sort through your emotions and memories to see what should be preserved and what needs to be let go, particularly if they are blurred due to maturity of psychological blocks.

    ​Franklinite is a talisman for rebuilding relationships, to stop you wallowing in the past but helps you confront the issues that caused the problem. This stone is beneficial for work where imagination is important as it enables you to step back and approach problems from a different angle. The weak magnetic charge in this stone makes it good for drawing what you want into your life, programme this stone by holding it and stating what you need and picture the outcome.

    Franklinite can trigger the subconscious to reveal hidden messages and act as a wakeup call for future problems. Franklinite is a stone of diplomacy and is a welcome addition to a home or workplace when joking tips over into sarcasm, it is also helpful for deterring and over enthusiasticaqq would be lover. Franklinite is a stone for surviving hard financial times, when money making combines single mindedness when economising.

    Magnetite is an ​Iron Oxide belonging to the Spinel Group of minerals. Magnetite is found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. This stone occurs as octahedral crystals that are black, opaque with a metallic lustre. It is the most commonly mined ore of iron. It is also the mineral with the highest iron content (72.4%). It is the most strongly magnetic mineral found in nature.

    Normal magnetite is attracted to a magnet, but some specimens are auto-magnetised and have the ability to attract small pieces of iron, small pieces of magnetite, and other magnetic objects. This form of magnetite, known as “lodestone,” was man’s first encounter with the property of magnetism. Lodestone is easily identified because it is usually covered with small particles of magnetite and other magnetic minerals.
    Magnetite can be found in Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Russia and many localities in the USA.​

    Magnetite is stimulating to the liver and the bone marrow. It can assist with oxygenation of the blood and supporting the circulatory system in general. It is useful for asthma, skin and hair. It stimulates sluggish organs and sedates over active ones. Magnetite is an anti inflammatory, helps heal muscle strains and cramps. ​
    When placed over an area of injury, it can stimulate blood flow to the area and speed healing. Magnetite helps energy move through blocked areas in the meridians and can be used in place of acupuncture needles to stimulate meridian points. It is helpful in countering anaemia and supporting the increase of both the number and efficiency of red blood cells.

    Magnetite can help to smooth the energy of the emotional body and prevent mood swings. It is very helpful in lessening the emotional effects of hormonal changes due to endocrine system imbalances during puberty, PMS or menopause. Magnetite can be used to ease negative emotions such as fear, anger, grief and over-attachment. It brings in positive qualities such as tenacity and endurance. Magnetite shows you how to move out of detrimental situations and promotes objectivity. This stone balances the intellect with the emotions to bring inner stability.

    This stone’s magnetic qualities draw you to whatever you think about and focus on. With magnetite in hand, you can create a happy and healthy life by clearing negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts and belief systems. This stone helps improve spoken and telepathic communication. Magnetite aids in reading between the lines to truly grasp what is being said or written.

    ​Magnetite temporarily aligns the chakras and the meridian. It connects the base chakra with the earth, which sustains the life force and physical body.
    Magnetite helps with telepathy, meditation and visualisation. I provides a balanced perspective and trust in your own instincts. As magnetite is magnetic it attracts love, commitment and loyalty.


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